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Tuesday, 25 March 2014 01:32

Big Headed Ant / Pheidole megacephala

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Big Headed Ant

Belonging to the Pheidole megacephala Family. The Big Headed Ants gets it's name guessed it, it's big head!

Big headed ants have two sizes of workers -- major workers (soldiers) and minor workers. Major workers have a very large head in proportion to their bodies.

Big-headed ants are most often confused with fire ants, but imported fire ants do not have workers with larger heads. Big-headed ants usually nest in the soil in protected locations such as under rocks, logs, firewood, patio blocks and landscape timbers, although they will nest in open areas of soil. They typically feed on live and dead insects, seeds and the honeydew produced by insects such as aphids and scales. They are considered major predators of fire ant queens, which are present in large numbers after a fire ant swarm.

Pheidole megacephala. Workers are either major or minor workers; major workers have very large heads. They nest in the soil under logs, mulch, firewood and next to the foundation of buildings. They often trail along sidewalks and the sides of buildings. They often forage indoors for food and water. The ant is yellowish-brown and is 2 mm to 3 mm long. There are two nodes on the petiole, and colonies are polygyne.

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